Commercial ADC Report

Mediclean recently completed several projects at the Ft. Benning Army Base in Ft Benning Ga. Ft Benning, unlike many military institutions is in the process of gearing up for growth at the base in Georgia. They are building many new facilities as well as rehabilitating many others. There are scores of buildings that have been sitting idle for some time, and the indoor air quality in these buildings has suffered. Anytime a building sits with no activity for a length of time the moisture and humidity levels in that space will become elevated. With an increase of moisture there is always the possibility of mold growth. Once this occurs nothing short of total cleaning will solve the problem.

The buildings in which we worked while on the base were RCC Special Troops Building 75th Ranger Battalion; the Commissary; and a classroom module unit. Each of these buildings has significant levels of dust and debris in the ducting systems. On the larger systems access was made to actually enter the ductwork and hand vacuum the lines. As the ductwork becomes smaller it was put under negative pressure and cleaned with a mechanical/pneumatic whip system. The important thing for the process is that every lineal foot of each line is cleaned, and to the extent possible it is visually verified as clean. The last step in cleaning systems that are part of a remediation process is to apply an antimicrobial. Each of these systems was fogged with an antimicrobial to ensure that all airborne and surface mold, mildew, bacteria, and viruses were killed. In all three cases post remediation air quality testing was done to ensure that all contaminants were removed from the space. In every case they tested clean.

It is a special privilege for our company to work with and for our military. Derrick Rhodes, who is the owner of the company is a veteran of the Navy and personally counts it an honor to work in this capacity.

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